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Website Up

melyy, Sep 21, 10 1:59 AM.
So, our shitty guild website is up. The main purpose of this website is to store and keep track of our recount logs and random screen shots. It will be more like a blog-style website. Sign up with your In-game name.

No, this is not another place to rag on mely. Mely is awesome.

-Mely, your sick fist pumping GM

Tuesday, Sept 21

Ebenemael, Sep 21, 10 1:34 AM.
ICC25 Wednesday!! Guild Bank needs Eternal Fire and Lichbloom always. Thanks :)


Crysis is a END-GAME PVE raiding guild. We mainly run ICC, Totc, Onyxia, VoA and OS. Our raid times are usually based around North America time. That being said, we also do battleground premades and Orgimmar raids etc PvP events. We're recruiting based on your PVE Gear / Status, So don't apply wearing 4/4 Furious.

Our Goal:

To provide a mature and efficient raiding environment for all our guild members. If you're tired of crappy pug runs, ninja master looters, Pugs that fail at VoA25, PvPers that don‘t know that Polymorph can be cleansed, Crysis is the place for you.


[X] Level 80Minimum
[X] Raids start at ~6-6:30pm game time. Be able to Raid then.
[X] Must have Ventrilo. This is non-negotiable. Mics are optional.

You must be willing to help guild members and help the guild progress.
And the obvious: don't be a douchebag etc etc in guild chat, vent or in global.
Remember you are representing Crysis if you are invited to guild.
Crysis - We're Only Gay on Sundays is currently recruiting the following:
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